Safe Start 2012

01 February 2012
NZFM held its annual Safe Start breakfast on the 10th January in Turangi. Tawera Nikau was our key speaker and didn't disappoint.

The NZFM Safe Start 2012 breakfast was held on Tuesday 10th January in Turangi. All of our contractors and their employees were invited to attend and the turnout was fantastic.

After our blessing and once everyone was fed a hearty breakfast Chas introduced the working year to everyone present. The 2011 were touched on and clear goals were set for 2012 - to keep reducing our accident statistics. Roger Merriman (DOL) and Peter Musk (ACC) also spoke about continued awareness of safety in 2012, in particular Roger  provided visually a message that really hit home. He showed a strand of small cardboard tombstones representing years past and on the tombstones were written the names of those men from the forestry industry who had lost their lives while at work. There were far too many names on the tombstones but it reminded everyone how important your actions are at work as it is these that determine whether you go home at the end of the day or not.

Tawera Nikau was the key speaker for 2012 and we spoke with enthusiasm and experience on how important team work and looking our for your workmates is for all of the crews. Tawera also spoke about integrity and doing the right thing at all times, irrespective of whether people are watching. The messages he portrayed during his talk reminded us that if everyone does their part to work safely themselves and contribute to a solid and safe crew, everyone can go home safely at the end of each day knowing they have completed a good days work.


Following our speakers the STIHL Keep It Safe 2011 awards were presented to the overall winners in each catergory. These were:

  • Logmaking - Dave August
  • Manual Treefelling - Joe Wall
  • Extraction - John Dempsey
  • Machine Operation on Landing - Dave Wilson
  • Mechanised Tree Felling and/or Delimbing - Richard Wall
  • Skid Work - Tuma Harris

Keep It Safe winners

Thank you to Peter Musk (ACC), Roger Merriman (DOL) and Tawera Nikau for attending the NZFM Safe Start 2012 breakfast. Thank you also to the ACC for providing funding for the event.