Strong wind causes damage to forest stands

28 May 2012
Lake Taupo and Rotoaira Forests suffered wind damage at the end of March, during strong winds that battered the Taupo district.

Strong winds on the 20th March this year caused patches of wind damage throughout Lake Taupo and Rotoaira Forests. Some of these patches were significant, including the one shown in the photo below taken near the bottom of Hatepe Hill.

wind damage

This stand of trees was almost completely flattened by wind and is currently being harvested by NZFM.

To access this site, the southern end of the Hatepe Hill passing lane will have temporary traffic control to allow the safe entry onto State Highway 1 for logging trucks. It is expected that the temporary traffic control will be in place for approximately two months to allow the forest stand to be harvested and extracted.

Please contact NZFM if you have any questions about these operations.