Welcome 2014

08 January 2014
Safe Start 2014 kicked off the year for the staff, contractors and employees of NZFM.

 The Safe Start 2014 breakfast was once again held at the Tongariro Charter Club with the majority of the NZFM workforce attending.

After introductions by Chas Hutton, NZFM General Manager, and a brief presentation by Keith Bardwell from ACC, the key note speaker Norm Hewitt took the floor and gave an entertaining presentation.  His points included the importance of keeping fit and healthy which benefits them, their families and also their crew as it enables them to work safely and be more focused on the job.  Taking responsibility for their own health and safety will help to ensure the crew stays safe and works efficiently and makes sure they return home safe to their family each day.  He made personal reflections on a forestry death which really 'made him think' aswell as his life in the bush some 20+ years earlier and how it has changed for the better in terms of health and safety.  Norm reitterated that having effective health and safety practices in place will make the forests a safer workplace for everyone.

Following the speakers, the STIHL Keep It Safe overall winners for 2013 were presented with their awards. The winner in each category received a STIHL chainsaw. STIHL has been a supporter of the Keep It Safe Programme for the last three years and their sponsorship has enabled some great prizes to be awarded to the quarterly winners as well as the overall winners at the end of each year. The sponsorship of STIHL of the Keep It Safe programme is gratefully acknowledged.

The winners in each category for STIHL Keep It Safe 2013 were:

Skidwork - Jayme Wall

Logmaking - Jeremy Dunster

Machine Operation on the Landing - Dan Hart

Manual Tree Falling - Joe Wall

Mechanised Tree Felling and Delimbing - Kent Simmons

Log Extraction - Dareen Rowen

Congratulations and well done to the 2013 category winners and to those who took away prizes throughout the year.