Aerial spraying starts in September 2014.

04 September 2014
Spraying will occur in Lake Taupo, Rotoaira, Opepe,Taurewa and Waituhi Forests from September 10th 2014 and will finish on the 30th November 2014.

On the 10th of September 2014 or soon thereafter, aerial spraying will commence in Lake Taupo, Rotoaira, Opepe,Taurewa and Waituhi Forests.

This operation is to control weed growth in recently planted pines.

The herbicides used will be Terbuthylazine Hexazinone, Clopyralid, Triclopyr and Haloxyfop and will be applied by helicopter. Spraying will commence at first light weather permitting and continue until midday on suitable days.

The operation will be finished by the 30th of November 2014.


If you want to know specific locations or require further information contact Shane Christie, NZ Forest Managers (07) 3868757.