1080 Operation – Waimahia, Wainui, Opepe

02 March 2016
Aerial pellet operation due to be undertaken anytime from 3 March 2016, weather and operational constraints dependant

The operation involves the southern end of Kaingaroa Forest to the south of State Highway Five, Opepe South, Opepe Trust, and Wainui Forests.

It is proposed to aerially apply toxic cereal pellet baits, these baits are to be applied throughout the treatment area. All toxic baits are dyed green.

Exclusion zones are to be placed along the public roads which bound this treatment area and areas of crew occupation. However before any vehicles, machinery or persons leave the operational area (after the toxic application) at the end of any workday or for crew relocation, workers need to ensure that no baits have collected on tyres, mudguards, vehicle trays, attachments, or the soles of work boots. All baits must be removed, by using protective gloves, if baits are handled ensure that hands are washed thoroughly afterwards. The removal of baits is of utmost importance to ensure baits remain within the operational area, thereby ensuring public safety (children and dogs).

Further Information
Please contact Epro Limited if you require any further information. The designated forestry contact for this programme is Kane Stafford who can be contacted at kane@epro.co.nz, or by phoning 0274 833 063.