1080 operation Rotoaira Forest & Taurewa Forest

31 July 2017
1080 Drop August to September 2017

Aerial Pest Control


Operational Area
This operation is being undertaken on behalf of TBfree New Zealand Limited and the Department of Conservation. The Tongairiro North operational area has been a major reservoir for bovine tuberculosis
(TB) in the past. Possums and ferrets are the main transmitters of the livestock disease bovine TB to domestic cattle and deer. Past experience has shown that maintaining low population densities of these pests significantly reduces the levels of TB in cattle and deer herds. The operation involves Rotoaira and Taurewa Forests, and is to be completed in two stages over the next two months. Rotoaira Forest during July to August and then the Taurewa Forest during August to September.

Control Method
Non-toxic cereal pellet baits will be aerially applied throughout the treatment area (see map - Tongariro_North_1080_Drop1.pdf). Toxic bait application is to be undertaken five to ten days following this prefeed application. Please note that prefeed baits remain undyed and coated with Epro Deer Repellent (brown).  Exclusion zones are to be placed along the major arterial roads and any areas of known crew occupation.
Further notification is to be completed prior to toxic bait application, which should occur anytime from 3 August 2017 onwards.