Health & Safety

Safety & Health at Work Policy

The promotion of safety and health measures is a major objective for N.Z. ForestManagers Ltd’s employees, contractors and stumpage purchasers at all levels.  Safety and loss prevention is EVERYONE’S responsibility.  Reducing accidents and minimising loss are vital for the success of all organisations working within the Forests.

Benefits include:

  • reduced personal suffering;
  • reduced equipment, material losses, and down time;
  • reduction in associated lost time and pay-outs;
  • recognition within the industry;
  • improved overall performance
  • reduced ACC levies.

It is NZFM’ policy to do all that is practicable and reasonable to prevent personal injury and damage to property, and to identify and protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards.

In particular NZFM its employees, stumpage purchasers, contractors and their employees have a responsibility to:

  • comply with all statutory obligations;
  • provide and adhere to the safety management and training systems which have been put in place to enable everyone to perform their work safely and efficiently;
  • maintain a constant and continuing interest in health and safety matters.

Employees, stumpage purchasers, contractors and their employees have a duty to co-operate in the implementation of this policy by:

  • working safely and efficiently;
  • using the required protective equipment;
  • complying with all statutory obligations and Codes of Practices;
  • reporting accidents and incidents that have led or may lead to injury or damage;
  • assisting in the investigation of accidents with the objective of introducing measures to prevent a recurrence;

In today’s work environment EVERYONE is accountable for the promotion and maintenance of safe and healthy working conditions.

It is the responsibility of all Contractors and Stumpage Purchasers to provide and have in operation a Health & Safety Plan covering their own Contract operations.

STIHL Keep It Safe

KEEP IT SAFE is an employment enhancement programme developed and introduced by some NZFM logging contractors who fund and obtain sponsorship for prizes.

  • Quarterly assessments are done by FITEC registered trainer and assessor Ritz Ellis.
  • Awards are presented every three months with major prizes each year for six categories of harvesting work.
  • NZFM has a full-time dedicated FITEC registered trainer/assessor who works with NZFM harvesting and thinning crews.

NZFM Drug &​ Alcohol Policy

NZ Forest Managers Ltd (NZFM) is committed to establishing and maintaining a workplace free of hazards created by alcohol and drug abuse.

The NZFM Drug & Alcohol Policy will assist NZFM to meet its obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, and specifically to ensure all potential hazards in the workplace are identified and managed to ensure the ongoing safety of all employees working on Company land.