Social Impacts

Social Impact – Workforce Survey

NZFM annually completes a survey of the entire workforce within Lake Taupo and Rotoaira Forests. The company is proud of the level of local employment provided for within the FSC certified forests and look forward to continuing this trend.

Key Points from the 2018 Workforce Survey:

  • Total number of employees surveyed – 206
  • Percentage of Maori in workforce  – 70.4%37.4% of the workforce whakapapa to Ngati Tuwharetoa and 30% have beneficial ownership rights
  • Employees with >10 years experience in forest industry – 56%
  • Most common age bracket surveyed – 21-25 years (18%)
  • 26.7% of the workforce is ages over 46 years (46-50 age group and 50+ age group combined)
  • Number of children/dependents supported by workforce – 296


Social Impact – Logging Trucks

NZFM has a number of forestry roads that enter the State Highway roading network along side lakeshore communities. In order to plan our operations to minimise the overall effect on properties within these communities, NZFM have collated the projected annual truck movements using these roads.

The data gathered will be used when planning for operations adjacent to these areas. Stakeholder views on this issue are also greatly appreciated. If you have any comments these can be made through the Social Impact Monitoring Feedback Form.

All NZFM contracted logging trucks carry the 0800 LOG TRUCK telephone number and truck identification number. This provides an opportunity for the public to comment.