Indigenous Forest Monitoring

In 2003 NZFM began a monitoring program to assess the health and vitality of important indigenous vegetation types and tree species within Lake Taupo and Rotoaira Forests. The program will also identify any significant threats to the integrity of these indigenous forest remnants so that management action can be considered. Seventeen plots were established within Rotoaira Forest in 2003, with two additional plots established in 2004 as recommended by the initial survey. In Lake Taupo Forest 25 plots were established in 2004 and 2 additional plots were added in 2011 to capture frost flat vegetation. Plots are re-assessed every two years. In 2011 Lake Taupo Forest plots were assessed.

Key recommendations from the re-assessment in 2011 were:

  • The plots be reassessed in two years time.
  • The Stand Health Module be applied to each vegetation type at next assessment.
  • The areas most affected by animal browse be considered for control.

These plots will be reassessed in 2013, with the Rotoaira Forest indigenous forest plots undergoing a re-measure this year.