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About New Zealand Forestry Managers

New Zealand Forest Managers Ltd (NZFM), is a privately owned company established in 1989. The company is a specialised contract forest management organisation that provides commercial forest owners with a comprehensive management service covering the full range of operations from forest development, protection and investment through to harvesting and marketing.


  • Ministry for Primary Industries
  • The Lake Taupo Forest Trust
  • The Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust
  • Global Forest Partners
  • The Te Awahohonu Forest Trust
  • Taupo District Council

Key statistics

  1. Management responsibility including planning, development, protection, harvesting and marketing for 56,000 hectares of planted forest.
  2. Within these forests, the harvesting and marketing of 800,000 – 900,000 m3 of logs per annum generating total sales of over $75 million.
  3. Management of forest development programmes including 2,500 hectares per annum of restocking and new planting.
  4. Forest investment programs comprising 6,000 hectares per annum of pruning
  5. and thinning.
  6. Forest Stewardship Council certification covering 57,000 hectares of planted forest.

NZFM employs 300 staff and contractors to carry out these functions. All staff employed in management roles hold tertiary qualifications in forestry, and are widely experienced in a range of forest management activities.

All management functions are co-ordinated from the company office located in Turangi, 55 kms south of Taupo. NZFM is structured primarily to provide a total management service to forest owners and operates under a number of guiding principles:

  1. NZFM trades in forest produce on the client’s behalf only. The company does not buy and sell logs in its own right. This is an important principle as it eliminates any potential conflicts of interest that could arise if the company was selling its own logs in competition with a client’s logs.
  2. NZFM does not own or have an interest in or any affiliation to log processors. This independence allows NZFM to operate without encumbrance in meeting its objective of selling logs to maximise returns to the forest owner.
  3. NZFM prefers to operate under incentive based remuneration systems so that both the company and the clients it is representing share the objective of maximising financial returns.