Experienced Stewardship of New Zealand Forests

Extensive experience in the commercial stewardship of working forests is how we add value for forest owners. NZFM offer benefits of comprehensive forestry management services, whilst protecting our environment for land owners of the future and generations of New Zealanders.

Primary Sector Management

NZ Forest Managers Ltd has a wide range of clients for whom it provides an extensive range of land management services. Effective forest management encompasses all land within the forest boundary, both sustainably managed productive forest and non-productive land.


We are a privately owned company established in 1989. The company is based in Turangi, in the Central North Island of New Zealand.

New Zealand Forestry Services

We offer our clients a comprehensive range of forest management services, from forest development, protection and investment through to planning, harvesting and marketing.

High Conservation Value Forests

NZ Forest Managers has four High Conservation Value Forests (HCVs), as defined by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Two of these HCV areas have been recently identified following indigenous vegetation assessments completed within Lake Taupo and Rotoaira Forests.

All of the identified HCV areas are managed in accordance with the NZ FSC Standard for Plantation Forestry.

Holistic Management Approach

NZ Forest Managers Ltd (NZFM) is very aware that there are many natural resources located throughout the estate it manages. Preserving the environment and protecting the health and safety of staff and contractors are high priorities for NZFM. Being aware of any positive and/or adverse environmental effects occurring within the forests is also extremely important.

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