NZ Forest Managers Ltd (NZFM) is very aware that there are many natural resources located throughout the estate it manages. Preserving the environment and protecting the health and safety of staff and contractors are high priorities for NZFM. Being aware of any positive and/or adverse environmental effects occurring within the forests is also extremely important.

Environmental Objective 3 of the NZFM Environmental Management System (EMS) states:

To manage the forests in such a way as to minimise effects on the fish and wildlife habitats, and other natural resources of the forests; in particular to prevent soil erosion and discharge of sediment into Lakes Taupo and Rotoaira, and into the streams, rivers and canals flowing into the lakes.

Environmental and social monitoring plays a key role in achieving this objective. NZFM’s EMS also outlines strict procedures for environmental monitoring and reporting.

NZFM currently has a number of environmental monitoring programmes underway. Some of these are outlined on the right.